About us: We are team of traders cum investors and fascinated towards the Indian stock market. Learned through years of experience in financial market for long time now.

Note: Investing in any stock market is risky business. Our recommendations are based on reliable & fundamental sources believed to be true & correct and also based on a technical analysis received from the charts.

Investors should take their own decisions to execute the trade. We shall be no responsibility for any transactions undertaken by you. The author won't be liable or responsible for any legal or financial profit or losses made by anyone.

Our service wasn't a new in Stocks market; however, MonetaryApp is a simple, handy and profitable Stocks tips provider that generated 25%-50% success rate annually.

This is based on past performance results so far that our recommended stocks produced. Note: It is very difficult to find real and correct informer, especially today's online opportunities floating hoaxes/fraud and fake businesses job around the internet.

You can trust us and we are real team members based in different parts of India.

Our Expert team members:
1. Mr. Tadu Gumbo, MD & CEO, www.TradeonGo.Mobi and MonetaryApp, experienced trader/investor in Forex/stock market for about 8 years and above. Authorized person ICICI Securities, live in Naharlagun/Guwahati.
2. Mr. Nivera Sachin, Experienced investor/traders in Indian Stock Market for about 10 years plus, live in Navi Mumbai.
3. Mr. Denof Manapuram, Experienced investor/traders in Indian Stock Market for about 15 years plus, live in Hyderabad.
4. Mr. Ankur Kalita, APP Developer, live in Guwahati
5. Mr. Nupur Bora, Web Developer, live in Guwahati
6. Ms. Rubu Yassung, Public Relation Officer, live in Naharlagun
7. Ms. Bade Ango, Desk Manager, live in Naharlagun.

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