ICICIdirect is a retail trading and investment service from ICICI Securities, the largest retail stock broker firm in India offering a wide range of investment options to the retail and institutional customers. ICICI Securities is part of ICICI Group, India's top financial service provider offering banking and other financial services.

ICICI Securities offers 'online trading and investment' services to over 20 lakhs customers through ICICI Direct ( is the flagship website of ICICI Bank. This website offers a complete suite of investment products such as Online Equity Trading, Derivatives Trading, Mutual Fund & IPO, Fixed Deposit, Bond, NCD, wealth products, Home Loans, Loan against Securities etc.; all under one login. is among the most visited investment portals in India. ICICI 3-in-1 trading account is the oldest and most popular service provided by ICICI Bank.

3-in-1 Account = Bank Account + Trading Account + Demat Account.
The 3-in-1 account consists of 3 separate accounts open together including a Bank Account (a normal bank account where your money resides), a Trading Account (a share/stocks account which allows you to trade in equity, Mutual Fund, Bonds etc.) and a Demat account (it holds the equity shares/stocks purchased by you).

The beauty of 3-in-1 account is seamless transaction between these three accounts. It also offers wide range of investment products under this account. When the account holder buy shares/stocks through trading account; the money get automatically debited from the saving bank account and share/stocks are automatically credited to the Demat account. Similar way when shares/stocks are sold through trading account; the money gets credited to the bank account and shares/stocks are withdrawn from Demat account. The money remain in your bank account can be used like any normal bank account (i.e. you can withdraw that using your debit card).

It provides extremely simple and efficient way to invest in stock market and other financial instruments. The customers can visit any of the over 1500 ICICI Bank branches or ICICIDirect offices to get in-person help on financial products which are sold through ICICI direct or visit to "ICICI Securities" authorized person of ICICI Securities Ltd. located at Pappu Nallah, near DTO office, Naharlagun (Itanagar), Arunachal Pradesh. Pin No. 791 110.

ICICIDirect also offers timely pay-in and pay-out, hassle free settlements and above all local and personalized service.

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